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Here’s Why Nevada Loves Reno’s Biggest Little Dispensaries

Color-Use_Square-Ex_01-copy Jantao 9/1/2020 Weedmaps:
"Came in here because I needed some vape pens the other night and wow, the customer service was so good! I don’t think I would go to another service after my experience with these guys.. only reason would be to stock up on my go 2 left coast diamonds you guys don't carry them!! Big Thanks to the crew, will be seeing ya shortly prob."
137-1371456_yelp-logo-circle-png Mackenzie C. 9/27/2020
My husband and I were in Reno on vacation and we found this dispensary while on a walk.. we walked in with a warm greeting and a smile He was following all protocols of covid taking our temp ( Which sac doesn't). We walked in handed the lady our ids and let in within 5 minutes to an amazing bud tender Richelle who got us a great deal on 2carts... thank you for being the best we have ever been too.
download-1 Vexio 9/2/2020
They have $49 quarter ounces and $69 half ounces. Even with the 10 to 15 added for tax these are the best dispensary deals in town. I highly recommend going here for your medicinal needs.

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