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    There is nothing more gratifying than making a difference in the lives of our patients. And receiving a letter that spells out the difference we’re helping to bring about in the lives of one twelve year old and his family, well, that makes for a good day.

    One of our favorite cultivators, Kynd Cannabis Company, was also on the receiving end of this good news. Here’s what they had to say about the experience.

    From the post:

    “Twelve years ago, Tony Alvarez and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby boy. Like many new parents, they celebrated their blessings and looked forward to milestones like school performances, Little League games, weekend barbecues, and family time. But within just a few months of their son’s birth, he was diagnosed with two syndromes that affected his cognitive function. At age seven, he was diagnosed again, this time with an epilepsy disorder called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, which appears in childhood and presents with random seizures. It was the beginning of a long road of prescription medications that would prove to be as damaging in side effects as they were mixed in success.

    This is the path that led the Alvarezes – desperate for something that would truly help their son – to cannabis. And this is their story.”

    Gives you chills, right?

    Jump over to the post and see how the family found inspiration in the success stories of their peers, how “the stories [they] heard were like an underground secret where children were having extremely reduced numbers of seizures or cessation of seizures altogether,” and how they navigated access to the medicine their son so desperately needed.

    These are the kinds of stories that make arguments against legalizing cannabis on the federal level wither up into meaninglessness. Who can look a father in the eye and tell him that this medicine isn’t worth researching? Changes are coming, and families like these are the proof. Read the post, share it on social media, and let’s keep the anecdotal evidence coming until cannabis finally gets the research it deserves.

    Our very best wishes and heartfelt thanks to the Alvarez family for their letter. Kynd, keep doing what you do. And we’ll keep making access to safe, consistent, and effective medicine a reality!

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