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    If you’re new to the dispensary experience, or you’re still navigating the process, it’s important to understand the role your budtender plays. Here at Mynt, we take great pride in training and educating our budtenders to ensure that they’re qualified to assist you. Still, to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want, here are three things to know before talking to your budtender.

    Your Goal with Cannabis

    Are you planning to use cannabis as medicine? Are you seeking it for specific or generalized pain relief, to help manage anxiety or depression, to boost appetite or help quell insomnia? Whatever your need, make sure to bring this up to your budtender.

    Likewise, if your goal is simply recreational, consider how much and what kind of a psychoactive experience are you hoping to achieve. Are you chasing feelings of energy and joy, or relaxed sedation? Your tolerance will play a big part in this, so be upfront with your cannabis use so that your budtender can help you dose appropriately.

    Your Preferred Method of Consumption

    There are many, many ways to consume cannabis, so don’t worry that smoking is your only option. You can eat edibles, drink beverages, take a tincture, swallow capsules, even bathe in an infused soak. Consider which methods sound appealing to you, and be prepared to share that information with your budtender. It will help him or her narrow down recommendations.

    Your Preferred Timeframe

    This information piggybacks your preferred consumption method. How long do you want to feel effects? It’s always a good idea to plan how and when you’ll be consuming, so that you can choose the right product and consumption method. Edibles, for instance, can take a while to trigger effects but they’ll last much longer than dabbing, which is often a quicker, more intense experience.

    Budtender Training

    Unfortunately, there is no standardized process for hiring or training budtenders. The screening process is left entirely to the discretion of individual dispensaries. So how does that work here at Mynt?

    We have an on-staff cannabis expert, Cayden, who serves as our education supervisor. He educates each employee on everything from speaking and engaging with patients to the best way to inquire about ailments and how to identify which products will be effective. Our budtenders are also educated on individual cannabinoids, terpenes and other components in the cannabis plant, as well as their effects on the body. In addition, they study adverse reactions and the positives and negatives to each consumption method.

    Mynt also has an on-staff security supervisor who can explain the safety side of working in cannabis and keeping it around the house in an appropriate and responsible manner. Finally, the head of compliance at Mynt trains staff on safety and staying current on the laws in Nevada. Understanding cannabis inside and out is always our goal, and we take it seriously.

    So what does that mean? If you’re shopping at Mynt, Reno’s only downtown dispensary, you can be sure that our experienced budtenders will be seeking this kind of information, and probably more. And if you find yourself somewhere else, now you’ll know exactly what to tell your budtender – even if he or she doesn’t bother to ask.

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