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    As people grow more accustomed to the fact that cannabis dispensaries in northern Nevada are legally selling both medicinal and recreational cannabis products, interest is spreading to those who may not have been first in line when the doors opened. Maybe it’s something you tried years ago, and you’d like to try it again. Maybe you’re reading about all of these wellness benefits, and it’s piquing your interest. Maybe you’re sick and tired of over-the-counter painkillers, and you’re ready to try something new. Whatever your reasons for visiting a cannabis dispensary, it’s totally normal to feel a little intimidated the first time you drop by. Here at Mynt Cannabis in Reno, we get it! And to make you feel a little more comfortable, we’re sharing four things to expect the first time you visit the dispensary.

    First things first – choose your dispensary wisely. There are a handful of options in Reno and the greater northern Nevada region, so jump online for a look at reviews. Once you’ve found a place that sounds good – and we hope it’s either of the Mynt locations – here’s what to expect.

    Bring Your ID

    If you have a medical marijuana card, bring it along. But either way, don’t forget your current state-issued ID. Expired IDs don’t work, so take a look to make sure yours is up to speed. You’ll need your ID at the intake window, and you can’t be served without it. At the Mynt dispensaries, you’ll be checked into our system – an optional step. It can helpful to keep track of products you’ve used, in case you want to come back for more, but visitors are welcome to remain completely anonymous as well. In that case, you’ll just be issued a number.

    Be Prepared to Wait

    Depending on how busy things are, you’ll be invited to wait in our lounge area, where you can review menus, watch television, or browse the cannabis literature we have on hand. When it’s your turn, a budtender will call you by name (or number if you’re staying anonymous) and take you into the dispensary. At the north location, the set up is a little more free form, so you have the option to check out our offerings and approach a budtender as it suits you. Typically, our dispensaries have between three and six budtenders on the floor.

    Wait times are what you’d expect – there are peak hours after 5 pm and on weekends, and quieter times to visit. Consider that when you’re planning your first visit.

    Be Ready to Answer Questions

    Dispensary budtenders are trained to help you find the right products for your needs. But to do that, they need to know the effects you’re interested in, plus details like your preferred method of consumption, how quickly you want to start feeling something, and your current tolerance level. Be forthcoming – it’s the best way to give your budtender all of the information he or she needs to help you find the right products. And feel free to ask questions of your own. Believe us, we’ve heard it all, and we’re happy to help you!

    If you’d prefer a little more privacy, we do offer private consultations. You can call ahead to schedule one, and it gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs one-on-one with our staff.

    Remember to Bring Cash

    Cannabis is still a cash-only business, and you’ll need cash in hand to check out. We do have ATMs in the dispensaries, but you can avoid fees from your bank by coming in prepared. Keep in mind that cannabis products can vary widely in price, so check online menus before heading in.

    Ready for a visit? Come to the Mynt dispensary in downtown Reno or at our north location, and we promise to make your first dispensary visit truly memorable.