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    As the legal cannabis markets of Nevada continue unfolding, things happen quickly and regulations are constantly evolving. Edibles are a great example. Effective at the beginning of January 2019, a new set of regulations went into effect regarding edibles. The result? Companies selling infused edibles had to adapt their products, product molds, packaging, and more. If you’re wondering why some of your favorite edibles are no longer available, these regulations are probably the culprit. Here’s what else to know about rules and regulations for cannabis edibles here in Nevada.

    There are a Lot of Rules & Regulations

    In the interest of keeping infused edibles marketed solely to adults and out of the reach of children, the state of Nevada created a comprehensive set of rules and regulations. These affect individual wrappers, different kinds of edibles (think chocolate bars with delineated lines indicating serving sizes, or individual servings for things like gummies), and the approved doses of THC. If your favorite edible is long gone, it may have been too great a feat to comply with the new rules. Again, the idea is to ensure that cannabis edibles are consumed properly by adults 21 years of age and older and away from children, so it’s important that everyone understands and complies.

    You can check out the full list right here, but here are some highlights:

    • A specific and published THC warning symbol required by the regulations and published by the Department of Taxation that is required to be on every serving of an edible 10mg or less, regardless of whether it’s demarcated, scored, wrapped, or closed. The required THC Symbol must be legible (no specific size or color), it cannot be altered, and it cannot include dosage.
    • Each single serving in a multiple-serving edible marijuana product must be physically demarked in a way that enables a reasonable person to intuitively determine how much of the edible marijuana product constitutes a single serving of 10mg of THC or less.
    • When sold at a retail marijuana store, any edible product containing marijuana must be packaged in opaque, child-resistance packaging.
    • An edible marijuana product labeled in a manner which indicates the number of servings of THC in the product, measured in servings of a maximum of 10 milligrams per serving and its potency was tested with an allowable variance of plus or minus 15%.

    We’ve been intaking a lot of inquiries here at Mynt about edibles that are just no longer available for purchase. These new regulations may be why. While some companies are still hard at work bringing their products and packaging into compliance, for others, it may not have been possible to completely revamp the processing method, the packaging, or the infused item itself, so the product line was discontinued.

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