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    In honor of 4/20 and our upcoming Spring Jamboree, we’re poking holes in all those famous rumors about the origin of this unofficial cannabis holiday. Here’s the real story of 4/20, and all the reasons you totally need to celebrate this Saturday right here at Mynt.

    So Many Stories

    Our favorite local cultivator, Kynd Cannabis Company, wrote a fun little post about the best debunked myths of 4/20. They included a bunch of the most persistent stories – the police dispatch code, the California penal code, the number of chemical compounds, the date of Bob Marley’s death, all of which are so great and so completely untrue.

    But the real story? It goes like this.

    mynt kynd spring jamboree - The Real Story of 4/20

    The term 4/20 didn’t begin as a date, but a time. It was a code used by a group of San Rafael High School students way back in 1971 to arrange meet-ups for smoking cannabis together. The group would gather by a specific wall, which lead to their name – the Waldos – at 4:20 to indulge together. One of the students would later work as a roadie for the Grateful Dead, so the band probably had a hand in getting the term out there. That’s supported by the fact that in 1990, loyal Deadheads passed out flyers inviting people to smoke cannabis at 4:20 on April 20. One of the flyers made it to the High Times office and into an issue, and the magazine continued using the term. And so did everyone with any connection to the cannabis world, and today, 4/20 even has its own Wikipedia page.

    So Let’s Celebrate

    Dispensaries everywhere go big on 4/20, and Mynt is no exception. At the Spring Jamboree in downtown Reno and in the North Valleys, Mynt will be featuring live music and DJs in an Offbeat Music Festival Showcase, vendor pop-ups, tarot card readings, henna tattoos, raffle prizes, refreshments, and the best deals in town. Even the weather is supposed to cooperate, so come, mingle, celebrate, and let’s enjoy the latest iteration of 4/20 together.

    A Deeper Meaning

    For years, 4/20 has been officially considered san unofficial cannabis culture holiday. But these days, it’s so much more than that. As states across this nation continue to push forward with legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, 4/20 becomes a day not just to celebrate cannabis itself, but the progress we continue to make.

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