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    As everyone settles into the idea of social distancing for the next little while, we’re all looking for ways to pass the time. Our friends at Kynd Cannabis Company recently shared a recipe for an easy cannabis-infused tea, and it feels timely. They call it comfort cannabis, and we love the sound of that! Highlights are below, but feel free to jump over to Kynd for more details. As always, this tea is intended for adults 21 years of age and older. Please enjoy responsibly.

    Ingredients & Process

    To make infused tea, you’ll need cannabis flower, your favorite loose or bagged tea, and mix-ins like cream or even a bit of coconut oil. You may prefer lemon and honey, but be clear that THC needs fat to bind for proper absorption. If your goal is utter relaxation, you’ll need to make sure to stir in a high-quality fat.

    Another note – decarboxylation. This process of heating the cannabis to a specific temperature activates the THC. Again, if you want a potent tea that brings about all the THC effects you know and love, don’t skip this step.

    To make the tea, grind your cannabis to a texture that resembles coarse-to-fine crumbs. Mix this with your tea in the infuser, then steep with freshly boiled water for seven to eight minutes. Then it’s just a matter of pouring the infused tea and doctoring it up.

    The Takeaway

    Cannabis-infused tea is an easy, relaxing process with results that you can fine-tune to suit your desired effects. In these unsettling times, infused tea is particularly enjoyable. Thanks again to Kynd for the great recipe!