Cannabis Consumption is Different in the Summer
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Ah, summer. Blazing temps, unrelenting sunshine, and long days at the beach, lake, or out by the pool. If summer is your favorite time to enjoy cannabis, we get it. But just so we’re clear, cannabis consumption is different in the summer. No reason to get alarmed, of course, but understanding why consuming cannabis in the summer heat is different than doing so the rest of the year can help you enjoy your experience to the fullest. Here’s what to know.

Cannabis Can Lower Lower Your Body Temperature

Wild, right? In weird-but-true news, cannabis may help you cool down, an especially cool feature when the thermometer is creeping skyward. And if you’ve ever snuggled up with a cozy blanket after enjoying a little cannabis, you get it. 

You may already know that certain compounds that occur naturally in cannabis take on a homeostatic role, meaning they help the body find balance. These cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, including in the hypothalamus, where they can influence temperature regulation. And because cannabinoids may also have an impact on sensations of heat and pain, they may be able to numb sensations of feeling overheated.

It’s similar to the effect of foods like mustard, chili peppers, and wasabi — these hot, spicy foods can actually help cool you off. That’s because the heat triggers chemical reactions that direct the body to cool down.

In the summer heat, it's best not to rely on cannabis alone. If it’s really hot out, make sure to stay well hydrated, find shade whenever possible, and don’t skip the sunscreen.

Choose Your Products Wisely

PSA — your favorite infused gummies will melt if you leave them in the sun. The same is true of anything with chocolate. And even worse, high heat can wreak havoc on your favorite vape cart. So play it smart. Keep your stash out of the hot car, and opt for cannabis products that can handle the heat. Pro tip — infused cannabis beverages are tailor-made for summer.

Be Responsible

Obligatory reminder that safety always, always comes first when you’re consuming cannabis. That means adhering to local laws and regulations, following the golden rule of cannabis (starting low and going slow), and remembering that the combination of high heat and high-THC strains can result in fainting. That’s because lowered body temperature aside, cannabis can also lower your blood pressure. If you’re nodding your head, here’s the workaround: stay hydrated, make sure you’re eating, and play with that CBD:THC ratio.

As always, ask your favorite MYNT budtender for recommendations. And hey, enjoy!

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