The Trick to Enjoying Cannabis Edibles
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From creamy chocolate bars to granola, quick breads and more, cannabis-infused edibles are varied – and awesome. But no matter which treat you’re enjoying, there’s one trick to doing it right. You have to understand – and follow – dosing recommendations, potency and labeling.

The Effects of Ingesting Cannabis

Ingesting cannabis has a different effect on the body than smoking or vaporizing it. When you do either of the latter, the effects are felt almost immediately. That makes it easy to stop once you’ve reached the desired effect. But when you eat a cannabis-infused edible, you don’t have the benefit of those signals anymore.

KYND Gummy Commercial Proof 197-(ZF-5419-86516-1-038)-1It takes time for your body to digest and metabolize the food you eat before you can feel the effects of the cannabis. The slower absorption time means the effects of edibles come on gradually.

Your individual metabolism will play a role, too. Some people may feel medicated in an hour, while others find it takes two hours or longer before they notice any effects.

The trouble comes when people eat too much without waiting for the effects to begin. Edibles are usually made with concentrated cannabis, which means it’s easy to overdo things. That's why the golden rule of cannabis is to start low and go slow. Read the dosing recommendations, be clear on potency, and follow the directions.

It’s recommended that you wait at least 45 to 60 minutes, if not longer, for effects to develop before enjoying more. It’s also wise to begin with the lowest possible dose.

What If I Ingest Too Much?

If you do overindulge on cannabis-infused edibles, you may be in for an unpleasant evening. However, no deaths have ever been reported from cannabis overdosing. Stay well hydrated and try eating a meal. You can also moderate the effects of THC with a dose of a CBD-dominant medicine.

Above all, stick to products that are well labeled and appropriately packaged. At Mynt, we’re committed to stocking premium products that are consistent, safe and effective. You’ll find exactly that with our edibles.

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