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Too High? Here’s What To Do
Posted by Mynt Admin

If you're the type to partake in cannabis, you probably have a great story about that time you got too high. Because cannabis dosing can be tricky and highly personal, this sort of over-indulging is actually pretty common. It’s also unpleasant. While cannabis is excellent when you take what you need, overdoing it can turn a great experience into a nightmare. The good news — there are a few things you can do to moderate a bad high. If you ever find that you're just way too high, here’s what to do.

First Things First

No matter how much you’ve ingested or otherwise consumed, let's just clarify one thing - no one has ever died of a cannabis overdose. All of that anxiety and paranoia is in your head, and while you may feel physical symptoms of stress like a racing heart, it won’t last forever. Reminding yourself that this will all be over soon can be helpful, so do your best to relax and ride it out. Asking a trusted friend to verify that you’ll be okay soon is also a good idea.

Home Remedies

CBD oil is one of the most effective ways to lessen the intensity of too much THC. A fast-acting tincture, like KYND’s 300mg CBD tincture, can be taken sublingually for a quick onset of calming effects that will reduce anxiety or paranoia. If you don’t have CBD oil lying around, there are a few other home remedies worth trying:

    • Focus on taking slow, even breaths — in through the nose and out through the mouth —  to lower your heart rate
    • Drink plenty of cold water to help flush the THC a little faster
    • Consume lemon or sniff black pepper, both of which contain terpenes that are effective in mitigating the paranoia associated with too much THC
    • Try to distract yourself with a puzzle, a movie, a nap, even a relaxing shower or some focused exercise

Above all, stay calm. You aren’t the first to experience a bad high, and you won’t be the last. Do your best not to freak out, follow these tips for staying hydrated and distracting yourself, and remember — this too shall pass.

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